Dulux Accredited

Dulux Accredited painters are specially selected by Dulux for their skills and commitment to the painting industry. Pelham Painters are proud to have Dulux Accredited status – providing customers with that added guarantee that your project will be a quality job. View the Dulux accredited website to understand the benefits of choosing a Dulux accredited painter in Hobart.

A family business, located in Hobart, Tasmania since 1953, Pelham Painters provide a wide range of services to Tasmania including:

  • Residential, commercial & industrial painting
  • Repaints
  • Heritage restoration
  • Rental property makeovers
  • Exterior surface cleaning
  • Roof spraying and restoration
  • Anti-graffiti solutions

The Pelham Painters team are qualified in all aspects of painting and decorating and will provide personalised service and customisation for each customer. This has ensured many long term customers and repeat business.

Pelham Painters is also an equal opportunity employer and has assisted many apprentices to complete their apprenticeships.


Tell us about your project and Scott will get back to you personally within 24 hours.