Choosing the best exterior colour schemes for your Hobart house

Whether you are building a new house, have a historical residence or even an apartment in a block, choosing the right colour scheme for the exterior painting of your property can have a dramatic effect. Not only can you increase street appeal and your home’s market value, but you can also refresh the look for that fantastic new-house feeling.

When choosing the perfect colour, you can rely on a few character traits of the property itself. For example, painting a turn of the century home that has period features in loud and bright colours may be a little over the top, whereas a more traditional colour palette could work better.

One colour to rule them all

The one colour that seems to work on all properties is white. No matter whether your house is a new-build, a traditional wooden turn of the century building or a modern chic villa – shades of white simply work as an excellent exterior paint colour. So if you’re stuck, white should be your go-to colour!

Look at the character of your home and visualise the colour scheme before you decide. Visit properties from the same period around your neighbourhood for inspiration. Or call a professional painter for advice.

Many homes use multiple colours to bring out their best features, so take note of character pieces, awnings, roofing styles, material styles and decorative structures, and picture them in a different colour. Two-tone colour schemes for your home will add more character to the overall look and feel, and allow you to bring out the diversity in your home’s textures and features.

Be bold!

If you have chosen a bold colour for your home, you may wish to tone down the overall feel with a neutral colour that matches up well. Grey, white and black are perfect colours for adding a little character.

Whatever colour you choose to paint your home, you will benefit in a number of ways. Not only will your home look new and fresh and much tidier, a professional paint job can help protect your home from future renovation and repair work. It could also add more resale value if done well – an increase in street appeal is a big factor for those wishing to sell their homes.