Bring your house together with colour

When it comes to repainting, your house is a blank canvas… the colour possibilities are endless! As exciting as this may sound, it can also be overwhelming.

So, how do you narrow down your choices and find the colour scheme that works best for you?

The secret is to unify your house. Here’s how:

Start with connecting rooms

These are spaces such as living rooms and hallways – rooms which connect to the rest of the house. These areas set the tone of your colour scheme and neutral colours work best for the job, as they go with anything. But don’t feel limited to beige and grey, there are loads of funky neutrals to try.

Choose complementary colours

Now that you’ve chosen your base, get the colour wheel out and look for complementary colours. These should align with the connecting spaces, but don’t have to be the same. Pick a different complementary colour for each room, which gives each space a unique personality whilst also providing a smooth transition as you move through the house.

Make a statement with accent walls

If you’re worried about the interior becoming bland, consider painting an accent wall or two. These are designed to break the continuity just a little and highlight certain pieces of furniture, architecture or artwork.

Looking up – ceilings and trims

The go-to colour for ceilings and trims is always white (or a variation thereof). The reason for this is that white keeps the room bright and works with pretty much any wall colour. However, there are other options!

If your walls are light and neutral, consider painting the ceiling the same colour to add to the flow. You can also go for something completely different, such as canary yellow. However, bold colours such as these really make a statement, so it’s important to tie the colour in with decorations and accents, such as pillowcases and crockery.

Get inspiration from the professionals

The internet contains loads of inspiration on sites like Pinterest, where you’ll find plenty of ideas. Another good idea is to give Pelham Painters in Hobart a call for advice. With over 60 years of experience, we can definitely help with suggestions and solutions.