Choosing a colour scheme? Keep these tips in mind

The weather is good, you’ve got that spring-cleaning feeling and you’ve decided to paint your home. You’ve prepped the surface, bought the equipment and you’re confident about your colour choices. Or are you?

Before you commit to purchasing the paint, read through these important tips for choosing a colour that works for you.

Tip 1: Think about context

When you paint the interior of your house, your personal colour tastes aren’t the only consideration. You also need to think about the context of the room itself.

Rooms have their own atmosphere based on natural light, purpose and furnishings. Your colour choices need to take all these into consideration. For example, colours such as light yellows, blues or creams work well in bathrooms, whereas darker shades work well in living rooms, creating a cosy, relaxing atmosphere. And, of course, think about how your colour choices will complement the natural light and furniture style.

Tip 2: Don’t overdo the colours

Maybe you enjoy a range of colours and would love to see them all reflected in your home. Wait, and think it through. Three or four shades of colour blended cleverly could work nicely. But any more than that runs the risk of your home looking messy and uncomfortable. It’s best to give a room a singular personality, not a jumble of ideas.

Tip 3: Choose colours that suit each other

When picking a colour scheme, it’s important to know which colours work well together. We recommend following a colour scheme you’ve seen before and that was pleasing to your eye. Search online for colour palettes that work well together or ask a professional – like Pelham Painters – for advice.

Tip 4: Don’t go (too) crazy

If you personally love big, bold colours, beware: the rest of your family might not. A bright room burdened with strong colours could be uncomfortable to be in, and certainly not relaxing.

There is a way to include bright colours, but it’s best to temper these with neutral shades to reduce the chaos and bring in the balance.

Bonus Tip: Speak to a professional

Research can be overwhelming. So if your head is spinning after scouring the internet for colour inspiration and you simply can’t make up your mind, just get in touch. At Pelham Painters, we can draw on plenty of experience to put you on the right path.