Choosing Paint for Bathrooms

Bathrooms are one of the least daunting rooms to paint. They’re small and could be finished in less than a day.

Before you pick your paint, though, consider that bathrooms are moist spaces. Steam from showers and baths produce moisture on the walls that could lead to unsightly brown stains and mould if left uncleaned.

Choosing the right finish can help

High-gloss finishes are great for repelling moisture and for repeated cleaning. However, if your bathroom has a large surface area to be painted, the gloss is too reflective and doesn’t look great. High gloss is better for trim or cabinets.

Semi-gloss finishes are perhaps the best to use in a moisture-prone bathroom as they repel water nicely and are also easily wiped.

Satin finishes are perfect for low-moisture bathrooms, like those that don’t feature showers or baths.

Flat finishes absorb moisture and should therefore be avoided. They’re also difficult to wipe and should only be utilised in low-use areas of the house.

Look for the right additives

Some manufacturers use additives in their paint products that can help in a moisture-rich environment, no matter the finish. Look for anti-microbial additives as well as durable, moisture-resistant paints developed specifically for bathrooms.

Prep before you start

Before priming and painting, mix some water and bleach in a bucket (3 parts water to 1 part bleach) and scrub down the walls. This will get rid of problematic mildew and ensure the paint is applied smoothly.

Don’t forget to lay down drop cloths and to tape off windows, switches and handles before starting.

And finally, the colour

One surprising fact about bathroom wall colour is that the wrong colour choice can leave you looking pallid and wan in the mirror which is a real mood-sapper. Ensure the wall colour gives you a psychological boost by going for neutral whites, creams, greys and pastels.

Pelham Paints has got your bathroom walls covered

If you need assistance with any of these steps, simply give Pelham Paints in Hobart a call and we’ll handle everything you need to make your bathroom walls look perfect.