Colour trends for the coming year

Dulux have recently revealed the leading colour palettes you’ll probably be using on your walls in 2019.

The trends have been formulated within four categories, namely Wholeself, Repair, Legacy and Identity. These ranges include something for everyone, so you’re sure to find a style that works for both you and your home.


As the name implies, this selection focuses on subdued, gentle shades that are soft, feminine and soothing. Here you will find touches of gold mixing it up with powdery pinks and mauve-grey.

These colours are aligned with global trends towards mindfulness, health and wellness. The quiet colours are easy to complement with decorations, so it’s sure to be a popular range.


If you’re planning to decorate your house with natural, earthy tones, this range will catch your eye. Here you’ll find strong greens, exotic reds and enigmatic oranges. These colours will appeal to your environmentally conscious side and inspire fresh beginnings.

In terms of decoration, the colours will work well with wood and leather furnishings, and rooms filled with plants.


Traditionalists will be thrilled by the new range of rich, timeless colours such as deep purples, aqua and browns. Earthy, elegant and opulent, these colours are making a comeback… but with a modern spin.

Coupled with classic furniture pieces and plush textiles, you’ll revel in the creative possibilities these colours afford.


This palette is filled with bold rule-breakers that are perfect for those keen to express their individual visions. We’re talking playful and youthful vibes, mixed in with striking colour choices.

Shades of cool citrus, big blues and prominent purples will encourage experimentation and inspire some very unique homes across Australia.

Play with colour

If you’re the type to jump into a new colour scheme without fear, you’ll find plenty to choose from in the upcoming Dulux range. If you’re the more conservative type, try out new colours on a door or piece of furniture and see how it fits before committing to an entire room or wall.

Whichever way you look at it, 2019 is going to be a colourful, vibrant year. At Pelham Paints here in Hobart, we’re committed to keeping up to date with global trends and we’re more than willing to help should you require a professional paint job, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.