When to consider repainting your Hobart home

Your home is probably your most important asset. It provides shelter, safety and comfort to you and your family, so it deserves to be kept in top condition.

If you start to see signs of chipping, cracked paint or general wear and tear on your property, it’s a good bet that it needs repainting. Whilst the interior of your home can be changed whenever you feel like adding a new colour, the exterior of your home requires repainting due to its exposure to the elements and the damage this exposure can do to the underlying timber and framework.

Along with providing protection from the elements, painting the exterior will bring new life to your home, making it look clean and fresh, just like the day you moved in. The big questions, however, are deciding when is the best time to paint, and how often to do so.

Even if you asked the best professional house painters Hobart has to offer, you may not get the same answers to these questions. These decisions depend on several factors:

Calculate the environmental conditions

The best way to determine how often you should repaint your home’s exterior is to find out the last time it was painted and estimate the condition it is in now. The paintwork of properties that are shaded for the majority of the day should last longer than properties that are located in sunny and dry areas.

Another consideration comes into play if your home is constructed mainly from wood. In this case, having your house fully stripped, coated, protected and painted is of vital importance, as leaks or cracked timber could be costly to repair further down the line.

Exterior paint on timber is said to last up to roughly 7-10 years when professionally applied but on walls that are exposed to direct sunlight, paint may only last 5-7 years.

Professional inspections and quotes

Regular inspection of cladding, timberwork, joists and roofing will keep you ahead of trouble in the future. If you ever see peeling, cracking or chipping on your paint work, especially where there’s exposed beams or wood work, then don’t hesitate to call in a professional from Pelham Painters who will be able to point you in the right direction, and offer the best solutions.

Research your paint type

A representative from Hobart’s Pelham Painters would be able to inform you as to which type of paint will last the longest, help you decide between matte or glossy, and offer you a reasonable quote for the quantity of paint needed, as well as the costs of labour.

Choose wisely, and Pelham Painters will make sure you’ll get a perfect finish, every time.