Considerations for Every Paint Job

So, you’ve decided to paint. Whether it’s a small room or a large office, the job requires a commitment of time and money. The first rule is to expect the unexpected – there will always be a repair to be made or a colour choice to be rethought.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a few other considerations for you to keep in mind.

A rushed job is a bad job

Throughout the process, take your time. The job you’re about to embark on requires careful consideration and proper planning. Have you identified areas which might need to be repaired? Are you 100% sure of your colour choices? Have you weighed up the pros and cons of doing the job yourself versus hiring a professional?

All of these questions are best answered with careful consideration. The stress of time pressure will lead to more stress overall. It’s not worth it.

Costs are key

Painting is not the cheapest exercise, so you’d be wise to develop a budget. Once you’ve figured out how much you can spend, you’ll be able to navigate the subsequent decision-making process a lot easier. You may now realise that the job needs to be broken down into smaller tasks performed over a longer period of time. Your budget may also determine the type of paint you can afford.

If you decide to hire Pelham Painters to do the job, we’ll provide you with a detailed estimate, breaking down every cost and managing your expectations.

Prepare with care

When you work on a painting job, you want it to last for the longest possible time. This is where good preparation comes in. Cleaning the surface with a pressure washer, scraping thoroughly to remove debris, filling holes and gaps and sanding down lumps are all key to success. The final step of preparation is always to prime the surface in order to add another layer of protection and ensure that the paint adheres for a good many years.

Stay in the loop

Knowledge is vital for the completion of a successful paint job. You’ll need to research the correct paint for your room and purchase accordingly. For example, bathrooms and kitchens would require moisture-proof paint, while your exterior would need sun and rain protection. Be curious, ask questions, read the labels. If you’ve hired Pelham Painters, establish a rapport with the team leader and don’t feel shy about asking for advice or explanations. Good communication will ensure a great result.

Stay cool

A painting project can be fraught with frustrations, delays and unforeseen costs. The best way to ride these out is to keep in mind the end goal: you’ve decided to paint in order to beautify a room, or to prep your house for sale, or to create a more enticing office space for your employees and clients. Whatever distractions come your way during the work will be a distant memory afterwards when you enjoy your glorious new space.

Let the specialists take on your burdens

A professional painting company, such as Pelham Painters, can streamline time and costs, whilst simultaneously unburdening you of countless stresses, getting the job done smoothly in such a way that you’ll barely notice we were there. If this proves to be the most tempting consideration for your next project, just get in touch. It’s as easy as that.