Creating Colour Flow in your Home

If the colours in your home aren’t working for you anymore, you may be thinking of completely repainting your interiors. To do this correctly, consider the flow of colours throughout the house. This is no easy matter: finding the right colour for one room is difficult enough, after all!

To make the decision less daunting, we’ve come up with a few thought-starters for you to consider.

Begin with samples

If you’ve picked a few colours from a palette, head out to the store and get your hands on some sample pots. Then have fun! Pick a wall and paint a few splotches to see how the colour looks when dry, as well as in different light, such as natural light versus artificial light at night. Place a couple of samples next to each other to compare. If you’re nervous about using actual paint, cut out your choices from the colour palette and stick them on the walls. Let your inner child loose.

Select your starting point

Identify the room which has the most flow into the rest of the house and paint that first. It could be your living room or even your kitchen. Once that is done, you’ll have a much better visual feel for how the rest of the house should be painted. You may decide to use different shades of your main colour, or go for a bolder approach of creating specific themes for each room.

Thinking about linking spaces

Hallways and stairwells link various rooms together, and it’s good practice to keep these spaces the same colour. These could be soft hues which draw attention away from the linked spaces to the rooms themselves. They should, however, contain elements of colour related to the rest of the house.

Pelham Painters will help you find your flow

If you’re overwhelmed by the decision of finding the right colour for your entire house, we’re just a call or a click away. Our experts will ensure that your home comes alive with colours you may never have imagined!