Dealing with Peeling Paint on Wooden Walls

As beautiful as Tasmania is, its weather conditions are far from perfect for paint. High humidity and frequent rain often lead to paint peeling off wooden walls. This particular problem could also be an indicator of a leak or bad ventilation, so it’s important to check for peeling every year.

At Pelham Painters, we’ve compiled six easy steps to help you deal with the task.

1. Find the cause

Humidity is a main cause of peeling paint as moisture seeps into your wooden walls and forces the paint to release its grip. Other factors could be acrylic paint applied on top of oil paint, or dirt left on the surface when the original paint job was done.

2. Prep the work area

Problem identified, now it’s time to get to work. Before you start painting, prep the area by removing furniture and laying down a drop sheet. Get yourself a safety mask, goggles and gloves too, as you don’t want to be harmed by fumes and splinters.

3. Clean the wood

Your first job is to scrape all the peeling paint away. Once this is done, take a wire brush and scrub the wood, not forgetting to scrape up any other paint peelings you come across.

4. Repair the damage

Once the paint has been removed, turn your attention to the wood itself. You’re looking for holes and cracks which need to be repaired with wood filler. Ensure you use a putty knife to spread the filler smoothly, and don’t be scared to extend the filler over a wide area – remember, you’ll be sanding away the excess later. Once you’re done, leave the putty to dry for the time recommended on the packaging.

5. Smooth the surface

As mentioned before, you now need to sand down the dry putty. You can do this manually with a piece of sandpaper or with a sanding machine, but whichever method you choose, be careful not to expose the holes and cracks you’ve just filled.

6. Prime and paint

Now the work is done, the fun part begins! First prime the wood then apply your paint. You’ll more than likely need a second coat in order to provide the best finish.

The importance of annual inspections

Check your wooden walls at least once a year to avoid rot creeping in. Fixing small areas of peeling paint timeously will also prevent the problem from spreading.

If you’re short of time and would like professional assistance with fixing your peeling paint, don’t hesitate to give Pelham Painters in Hobart a call. We’re always ready to assist.