Get Your Deck Ready for Summer

With summer finally making an appearance, your thoughts may be turning to some relaxing chill time on the deck. But if you step out, book and cocktail in hand, only to be confronted with a weathered, patchy, mouldy deck, now is a good time to put some work in and get it summer ready.

Be Weather-Wise

Okay, you’ve bought your stain and you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work. But wait: what’s the weather forecast? You’ll need at least 24 hours without rain to get the best out of your product. However, if the weather experts are predicting heatwave-style sunshine, note that this can be equally as damaging as rain because the stain won’t adhere to the timber. So pick a few days when the weather is fair and mild before getting stuck in.

Keep It Clean

The first, vital step is to get hold of some wood cleaner and a stiff brush and start scrubbing. You’ll need to remove all the water stains, dirt and tannins to allow the stain to penetrate the timber properly. When you’ve finished scrubbing, wait ten minutes then rinse the wood with a pressure hose.

Start Staining

Quality is key when staining. You’ll need a good product and a good quality brush. Use long strokes, applying generous amounts of stain across two or three boards at a time. If you’re testing a new colour, dab some on a not-so visible area to see how it looks before committing yourself.

If you’re unsure how much stain to purchase, bear in mind that you’ll get about 10 square metres per litre with most products. Double that amount to account for the 2 coats you need and then work out how much you’ll require based on the size of your deck.

Keep Up with Maintenance

Now that your deck is looking summer-fresh and fantastic, try keep it that way for as long as possible. Clean it regularly with mild detergent or wood cleaner to stop malicious dirt and water from doing its damage.

Call Pelham Painters to Check Your Deck

If you need a little assistance with your deck staining job, give us a call. We’ve got the product knowledge and experience to help get your deck looking its best so you can enjoy a relaxing summer in the great outdoors.