Getting Psyched About Kitchen Colours

We’ve touched on colour psychology in previous articles, about what your choice of colours says about your personality and how it can affect the mood of a room.

Today, we’re going to look at the colours that make an impact in the kitchen, which is typically the communal hub of the house. Getting the colour right in the kitchen can make the communal experience of cooking more pleasurable and also set the tone for the rest of the house.

As always, colour is an individual choice, so the below simply examines the pros and cons of certain colours which may or may not speak to you.

Go bright with white

White is popular for a reason. It reflects light and illuminates homes. It inspires feelings of cleanliness and purity. It even inspires creativity, being seen by some as a blank canvas upon which to let loose bold artwork, fittings and appliances.

If your kitchen has an abundance of windows, a white colour scheme will really boost the natural light. And white fittings present a contemporary, architectural feel.

Neutralise with grey

Grey sits firmly in the middle, neutral ground. Its effect on psychology is minimal, although certain tones can veer towards the sombre side of life. Having said that, it does have wide-ranging appeal for those who don’t want to draw attention to the kitchen, seeing it more as a functional environment. It’s also popular amongst those who flip houses, providing a good base for buyers who may have more specific colour choices in mind.

Be bold with black

Black has a strength and power that is unique. Those who love it appreciate its mysterious and alluring nature which speaks of sophistication. In feng shui, black has associations with calm and creativity, so there’s little wonder it’s such an increasingly popular choice. Use it on your cabinets or benchtops, or go for small doses with your taps and handles.

Grab attention with yellow

Us humans are beholden to the sun. There’s nothing like a bright, warm day to cheer the soul. If you’d like to evoke these same feelings of hope and warmth in your kitchen, yellow is the obvious choice.

You can experiment with tones to find the right mood for you, from the bright and playful light yellow to the more serious hues of mustard. 

Get the energy of orange

Colour psychology talks about orange in terms of passion, enthusiasm and dynamism. This is usually the choice of energetic extroverts who like to host people at their homes. Orange can bring warmth to cold houses or complement the natural cosiness of sunny houses.

Like all good things, it is possible to have too much orange. As such, it may be best to consider using it only to accentuate small portions of your kitchen, complemented by timber fittings and orange backsplash tiles.

Calm the mood with pink

A kitchen can be a stressful place. If you’re the type to overheat in the kitchen, then consider adding a little pink to the colour mix. Psychologically speaking, pink is linked to calmness, kindness and love.

Pink is no longer considered an exclusively feminine colour and its many shades can highlight all kinds of personalities – from the brash tones of shocking pink to the more nurturing lighter hues. If this colour is calling your name, consider it for your cabinets too.

Go back to nature with green

Refreshment, growth, peace and harmony are the words that are conjured from this popular colour. It can be energising and also improve focus, which is important for those working with sharp knives!

If you’re after a calming ambience, green is your go-to colour. Scatter some plants alongside your sage-coloured cabinets, add a brighter backsplash and some pretty accents to complete the picture.

Get the coastal vibe with blue

Whether you live at the coast or dream of doing so, blue can transport you there with its calm, productivity-boosting energy. The University of Surrey even did a study showing how blue light had blood pressure-lowering qualities! That in itself is a pretty good reason to choose blue for a potentially high-stress room.

Blue is also a popular choice to be used throughout the home, so trying out blue in the kitchen could provide a good starting point.

Let Pelham Painters set the mood

One of the many benefits of our extensive experience in the painting industry is that we have a deep understanding of colours and how they affect moods and enhance a space. So if you’re struggling to find the right colour choice, we invite you to get in touch.