Give your brick exterior a colourful facelift

Paint jobs needn’t be restricted to plain concrete or plastered walls. Your brick walls can also be given an inexpensive colour-injection that will totally transform your home.

Before you crack open the paint cans though, there are a few tips and tricks to bear in mind.

Be prepared

Good preparation not only makes the job of painting easier, it also ensures that the paintwork lasts longer. Start by getting rid of dust and dirt by giving the brick wall a good scrub down with a mix of detergent and water. After that, rinse the soap off and wait for the wall to dry before moving to the next stage.

Get primed

A coat of primer is important for making sure your paint adheres to the brick surface, leaving a smooth, professional look. If you’re adding a dramatically different (usually lighter) colour, add a second coat of primer.

The same goes for when you actually paint the wall: use a minimum of two, even three, coats to give your wall the best finish possible.

Fill the gaps

Brick is rough and porous, so you’re going to need plenty of paint – a lot more than if you were painting on a smooth surface.

Also note that you cannot paint over glass or glazed bricks – this process will only work on conventional bricks.

The best colours for brick

Current trends are seeing people choose either light or dark hues, and rarely anything in between. White-washed brick walls are proving popular for transforming dark rooms into fresh and bright spaces. If you’re in the mood to go darker though, sophisticated navy or a rich, deep black are good choices. By opting for a dark colour over light, the job of prep and painting will be a little easier as it will require less primer.

Of course, if you need help from the experts, get in touch with us at Pelham Paints here in Hobart, and we’ll gladly lend you a hand.