Getting your house ready for winter

Some easy ways to prepare your house for winter in Hobart

Whether we like it or not, winter is heading our way. Now it the right time to prepare for its arrival.
Autumn is the perfect time to look around your home and make a handy checklist of tasks necessary to keep it in tip-top shape during the winter. Not sure where to start? Here are a few jobs to add to your list.

Touch up exterior paint

If bare wood is exposed then it can receive moisture, which would cause it to rot. Wood rotting is the reason why it is important to keep the wood from peeling or flaking. If you see any loose paint, then call Pelham Painters to come and give you a quotation.

Inspect and Check Heating Systems

Assure all systems are ready to go with your fireplace, wood heaters and any other heating system you have in your home. Inspect chimneys to make sure they are clean. Check the fireplace for unwanted drafts and don’t forget to replace and make sure your heat pump has a clean filter. This will ensure that you get the best heat and air quality from your unit!

Prepare the Outside

Autum is a great time to aerate and feed your lawn with nutrients to promote healthy growth. Trim any branches away from your house that could fall onto your home during winter storms. Now head over to the deck and inspect it for damaged or warped boards. If you’ve got some trouble spots, you’ll want to contact a professional contractor to paint, replace or repair the deck. Check outdoor lighting and replace any light bulbs or fixtures. Finally, clean deck furniture and cover it with a tarp or store in a garage or shed.

Check the Roof and Gutters

The roof of your home should be inspected before winter comes. Ask a professional to inspect for damaged or missing tiles, deteriorated flashing at the chimney and skylights. Ask them to seal all areas to prevent further damage and possible leaks. Ask them to check the gutters and spouts to make sure they are all fastened securely. Remember to remove all leaves and other debris from gutters so water can run freely through them. You wouldn’t want water to get backed up and cause a leak!

Finally, ask yourself, “Is your home ready for the winter?”

A new coat of interior paint can really make a difference!
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