How colours can affect your mood

Your home is your refuge. A place to relax and refresh. The colours you choose for your interior walls can definitely help you achieve this mood by creating spaces that make you feel comfortable, safe and happy.

Colour is an individual choice

Not everyone likes comforting creams or organic greens. Some people enjoy making a statement with bright pinks and sultry reds. Others prefer hiding in the dark with deep blacks and burgundy.

It all comes down to colour psychology.

What is colour psychology?

Colour is a communication tool. Not only can it influence mood, it can also give you a physical reaction: from being anxious or queasy, to feeling calm and collected.

Admittedly, the field of colour psychology isn’t well-tread, but some universal truths have been uncovered. For example, colours in the red spectrum are warm and include burgundy, orange and yellow. These have been shown to invoke a range of feelings from warmth to anger.

Colours on the blue side of the spectrum are cool and include purple and green. These are described as calm but have also been known to cause sadness.

How do you find the right colour for your mood?

Try this simple exercise: make a list of the colours that make you happy. If you live with other people, get them to do the same and find common ground. Once you’ve established your happiest base colours, then you can delve into shades and hues to find the right mood for your home.

Let the mood flow

Once you’ve made your choice, start by painting the main room in your house and see how it feels. You may then decide to continue that colour flow throughout the house, or vary the shades a little to create separate moods for different rooms. If this is the case, then a useful tip would be to establish the mood you need for each room, for example, a bright shade for your study to keep you focused and a warm shade for your bedroom to help you relax.

Pelham Painters will help you set the mood

If you need help narrowing down your choices, or if the colour selection process is putting you in a bad mood, give us a call. We’ve seen plenty of houses and dealt with enough personalities in our time to help guide you expertly.