Important colour tips for your next exterior paint job

Give your place some serious street appeal with these tips and tricks for exterior paints and colour schemes.

Match Your Home’s Style

When you’re picking colours, take inspiration from fixed elements such as driveways and stonework. Normally three colours should do the trick: for the main walls, a contrasting colour for shutters and doors, and a third for railings and roof edgings.

If you’re feeling stuck, go for a lighter colour, as these work on most styles of home. But if you’re after a bold and modern look, try Grey or Charcoal.

Don’t Forget the Roof

If the colour of your roof isn’t aligned with your new colour scheme, go ahead and give it a new coat. You won’t have a problem finding a roof paint to match the colour of your choice in the Colorbond range.

Don’t Be Afraid To Play It Safe

If you have doubts about your colour choices, there’s no shame in going for the safe option. Dark roof? Take a look at grey walls with white trim and perhaps black for the doors. Also, don’t underestimate the power of a glossy front door to make an impact!

Add the Finishing Touch

Your main walls, especially masonry, do best with a low sheen or matte paint. Smaller surfaces – such as window frames, shutters, gutters and railings – do better with satin and gloss paints.

Look at the colour trends

It is also a good idea to explore the latest colour trends. Look at the Haymes website for some ideas and see what the professionals are recommending.