Improve Your Home’s Sales Value with an Exterior Paint Job

Decided to sell your house? Investing in a proper paint job to brighten up the exterior can do wonders for your home’s resale value.

The main reason to paint before selling

A buyer will purchase a house with newly painted walls because they don’t have to paint it themselves. It’ll be at least a decade before a repaint becomes necessary and it’s a cost they therefore won’t think of deducting from their offering price.

It’s all about first impressions

Buyers scroll through loads of homes online when they’re house hunting. If yours is featured boasting a beautiful coat of paint, it’s sure to encourage buyers to click and explore further. Other buyers like to drive past to get a feel for the neighbourhood. The house with the nicest exterior (i.e., yours) is sure to create a great impression.

It shows that you care

Think about the negative feelings you get when you drive past a place with a garden full of weeds. Or when you walk into an unkempt home filled with boxes and trash. The same feeling applies to a home with peeling, faded, splotchy paint.

If the exterior looks good, it implies that the rest of the house is in good nick too.

Picking a colour

Colour shouldn’t be the reason your home sticks out from others in the neighbourhood. In fact, if you paint your home in garish gold or pink, it’s less likely to sell as it probably won’t fit in with its surroundings. Realtors call these homes ‘unicorns’ and nobody likes to buy them.

So, when it comes to colour choice, it’s best to blend in. Let your home stand out because of its neatness and the quality of its paintwork.

Hire the professionals

Painting an exterior is not a job for the fainthearted. There’s a lot of prep work to be done and no shortcuts should be taken to ensure the new paint job lasts a long time and boosts your home’s value. Pelham Painters have got the experience and skills to pull off a stellar job, so if you need a professional touch, please get in contact.