Making Sure Your Paint Job Lasts

A good paint job requires a decent budget, but you can then expect it to last for several years. To achieve this longevity, however, a few factors need to be kept in mind.


1. Paint Quality

When it comes to paint, you don’t want to skimp on price at the expense of quality. Cheap paints simply won’t last, and will peel and fade quite quickly. The Premium Ranges you find in stores are usually a good bet.

It’s also useful to know the type of paint you should buy for your interiors. Here’s a handy guide:

    • Oil-Based Paints:
      These highly-durable paints are popular for use on woodwork but have a long drying time of 6 to 8 hours. You’d need to set aside a good day or two to get all your coats done. They’re also not very environmentally friendly due to their high levels of VOCs (gassy, unstable chemicals).
    • Water-Based Paints:
      These are more environmentally friendly than their oil-based counterparts and better for your health. We use and recommend the Haymes Low VOC range for your interior painting jobs.

2. Surface Condition

Adherence to a surface is key for a long-lasting paint job. Make sure you clean surfaces of dirt to improve adherence and reduce the chances of chips and flakes.

3. Room Usage

Interiors are usually spared the ravages of weather, but they are susceptible to wear and tear through usage. As such, you need to choose your paint carefully to be resistant to moisture (in kitchens and bathrooms), scratches (in busy areas like hallways) and kids!


Your exterior paints are faced with a number of challenges. How you prepare for them determines the quality of your paint job.

1. UV Rays

The sun’s ultraviolet radiation causes colour to fade, paint to crack and a significant deterioration of paint quality over time. For wooden surfaces, you’re looking at a lifespan of around 5 years. If your house is exposed to the sun, do yourself a favour and spend the money on UV-resistant paint.

2. Three Layers

The best barrier against deterioration is a 3-coat system. Start with a layer of primer, then add 2 coats of good quality paint. The third layer is the protective one which retains the colour and prevents mildew and rot from creeping in.

3. Keep it Clean

Paint lasts longer if it’s looked after. You don’t need to clean your exterior walls every weekend – a good scrub a few years after the initial paint job will do fine, but always perform regular inspections.

Cleaning the surface before you paint is also crucial to the job’s longevity, so ensure the walls are scraped, filled and sanded before the first brush stroke.

4. Be Colour-Wise

Colour is not just about aesthetics – your choice could have a definite effect on the quality of your paint job. Dark colours attract the sun’s rays, so if you live in a sunny area, the colour will fade fast. Just keep this fact in mind.

Pelham Painters Can Help

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