Mistakes to avoid when painting exteriors

So you’ve decided the time is right to embark on that big exterior paint job you’ve been putting off. Good on you! A fresh coat of paint will really give your home a boost and help it stand out in the neighbourhood.

Before you crack open the paint cans, though, take a moment to consider these common mistakes made by amateur painters, and how to avoid them. After all, you don’t want to do more work than is necessary.

Prepare the protection

Preparation is key. And making sure your fittings, plants and furnishings are protected is the first step in preparing for a paint job.

Use masking tape, plastic and drop sheets to cover up door handles, windowsills, plug outlets, plants, outdoor furniture, fences, gravel… everything that could be damaged by paint splatters.

When you’ve finished painting, remember to uncover the plants immediately so that they aren’t smothered.

Start scraping

Inspect your house for peeling or chipped paint and either scrape or sand it flat. Remove all protuberances, such as unused nails and hooks, to ensure that wherever you paint, you’re tackling the smoothest surface possible.

If you skip this step, your new coat of paint won’t stick and you’ll soon have to start over.

Begin at the top

Starting from the roof and working your way down is essential. This will allow you to paint over the drips and streaks that run down the surface as you work.

As soon as you notice these, brush them flat before they harden. If you don’t, there’s a good chance they’ll leave a lumpy mess.

Ask the professionals

If the task becomes more than you can handle, then please get in touch. At Pelham Painters in Hobart, we’d be more than happy to provide guidance or a competitive quote to get the job done quickly, without hassle or fuss.