How we work


Before the project starts we will meet and discuss the following aspects of your job:

  • Access
  • Parking
  • Keys, access cards
  • Alarm system, smoke alarms
  • Parking
  • OHS issues on site – electrical wires, children
  • Are there to be any changes or variations to the original scope

When the work commences:

  • On the first day we will re-check the scope and confirm above arrangements
  • Site will be left clean and tidy at the end of every day
  • Gear will remain on site during the duration of the project

After the project is complete:

  • We will ask you to inspect the work to confirm that all work has been satisfactorily completed
  • The site will be left clean and tidy
  • All access keys/swipe cards will be left in an agreed upon location
  • We will provide touch up paint
  • We will provide you with a suggested maintenance plan



  • All surfaces will be correctly prepared and adjacent surfaces will be protected with drop sheets or plastic;
  • Surfaces to be painted will be cleaned, sanded, with failed coatings removed, holes filled and cracks caulked;
  • Mould and rust will be treated prior to painting;
  • Water stains and damage will be sealed;
  • Water damage will be treated on the visible surface; no guarantee is given that the water damage will not reoccur unless the work scope includes exterior waterproofing of the area;
  • Cracks are caused by movement in the painted structure and therefore they may reoccur.


  • Pelham Painters use a three coat system: a full undercoat on raw substrate and two top coats;
  • All paints used are premium paints;
  • The painting will be a fully opaque coating, with minimal and consistent application marks, clean edges and sharp corners.

Preparation and painting is as per Australian Standards 2311:2017


Tell us about your project and Scott will get back to you personally within 24 hours.