Outdated colours and what to use instead

This post looks at colours that designers feel are becoming obsolete and the colour trends that are emerging in their place. But let’s start with a caveat:

Colour choice is always personal, based on your perceptions and the needs of your family. That said, it is useful to keep abreast of designer-level trends so that you pick colours which will be perceived favourably going forward, rather than dropping out of fashion before the year is over.

Colour trends at a glance

Designers are in agreement that soothing and uplifting pastels are going to be sticking around for years to come. Mood-boosting colours will also be a feature, with lively pastels and retro bright shades delivering joy and creativity to people’s homes.

Some colours, though, are on the way out. Here’s an overview:

The move from light grey to mushroom

Grey will always be a staple in the design industry. It’s timeless and versatile and often used as an accent offset. However, the trend these days is to move away from clinical and cool greys to the warmer, more welcoming tones of mushroom grey which provides the effect of a warm hug and affordable decadence.

Navy blue is out, charcoal is in

Sticking with the theme of warm greys, dark charcoal is enjoying a resurgence in popularity for interior spaces due to its fantastic versatility and elegance. Navy blue has fulfilled this role for a very long time… but times are changing. Charcoal works best as an accent colour for rooms which emphasise wood and stone.

Pastel yellow replaces magnolia

The design world agrees; neutral magnolias belong in the past. Into their place step pastel yellows as the go-to choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Buttery soft yellows pair well with antique furniture and patterned fabrics. They also work wonderfully as a mood enhancer in home offices and sunrooms. And if you’re repainting your kitchen cupboards, yellow is the bold and beautiful choice.

If you’re going green, go natural

One key theme of this year’s colour trends is a tendency towards colours which have a connection to nature. So, when it comes to greens, you’ll be better off stepping away from bright, synthetic hues and embracing the gentle beauty of sage green. Even its name suggests wisdom and taste, and its effect is earthy, soothing and naturalistic. The calmness it imbues makes this an enduring colour choice going forward.

Move away from mauve and embrace apricot

Mauve is described today as a fading charm. In its place, designers are succumbing to the allure of apricot. Whereas mauve had a tendency to dull down a room, apricot delivers life-enhancing refreshment. Apricot is distinct, but not overpowering, and its rich, earthy undertones continue the theme of moving back to nature. It also has the power to remain relevant all year long, creating cosy vibes in winter and warm upliftment in summer.

Get advice from Pelham Painters

At Pelham Painters, we’ve been around long enough to watch paint colour trends come and go. If you need help picking a colour that’s relevant, designer-friendly and, most importantly, aligned with your personality, then make sure to get in touch.