Paint projects that are best left to the experts

Setting aside a few days to tackle a painting project can be fun and rewarding, yet there are certain tasks which require a level of expertise that most Weekend Warriors lack.

So, if you’re planning a job as challenging as the ones below, and you’re concerned you don’t have the necessary skills, it’s probably a good idea to call in the experts!

Selecting the right paint

Before you even begin to consider colour, you should know what type of paint is best for the task at hand. If you’re planning on working on the kitchen or bathroom, you’ll need satin paint with its harder finish and effective moisture resistance.

Doing the ceilings? A flat paint would be a better bet.

Making the correct choice is not easy, and if you’re unsure it’s best to call on those with experience.

Colour contrast complications

Choosing a colour is always anxiety-inducing, and so often you only know if the colour’s right, or wrong, once the paint is on the wall.

If you’re adding contrasting colours to the mix, that’s double the stress!

And yet, contrasting colours are useful for more than just good looks. Say, for example, your room is painted entirely in grey, well, it probably looks white if we’re being honest. Adding a white trim as contrast can actually enhance the grey colour, providing the effect you were after from the beginning.

Tall walls and high ceilings

When it comes to ceilings, you’re dealing with a large surface area, so you’ll need to apply just the right amount of paint to avoid smears. You’ll have to balance on a ladder, nimbly paint around corners without messing and avoid getting paint splatters on your up-turned face.

Then you’ll need an extension handle on your roller and a smaller paint tin to carry up the ladder with you.

Quite simply, this is a difficult task. Are you sure you’re up for it?

Getting the details right

Painting the corner of a wall where it meets the ceiling requires a steady hand and a sharp eye. You’ll need to keep the brush firm against the surface and apply a solid pressure to create the straight edges professionals are renowned for.

It’s difficult to get right and can be messy if done badly, particularly if the wall and ceiling are different colours.

Wet work

Preparation is key for all paint jobs, but never more so than when working in a moisture-rich environment such as a bathroom.

All mildew and soap residue must first be scrubbed clean and then sanded back. The area then needs to be treated with the right primer for your paint. Speaking of paints, your choice has to be resistant to scrubbing, humidity, soap and detergents.

Once completed, the wall will require a few days to dry properly before the room is ready to use.

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