Paint Your Interiors Before Selling Your Home

Thinking of selling your home? Spending a little money beautifying the interiors before putting it on the market could pay off big time when it comes to increasing your home’s market value.

When a prospective buyer walks into your house, they should be able to picture themselves there. And while you may personally enjoy bright pinks and dark chocolatey browns, these choices may scare off a good buyer with different tastes.

So, when you repaint, think about creating an empty canvas that others can project their own dreams and tastes onto. This doesn’t mean you should just go around and paint each room white. In fact, different colours can help bring out the best in certain rooms to improve your chances of selling.

The kitchen

Because a functional, updated kitchen is so high on most buyer’s lists, it’s important to choose colours that are serene and negate any sense of clutter. White or warm grey are colour choices that sell. If your cabinets and fittings are predominantly white, however, a soft shade of green or yellow could liven the space up.


Blue is a popular choice for bathrooms, with pale blues and pastel blues generally being acknowledged as making the room feel more spacious and upping your home’s sales value.


Creamy white or the warm grey-brown tones of taupe are popular choices for creating a welcoming, relaxing bedroom space.

Living Rooms

As a gathering area for families, a lot of attention will be paid to the living room. Go for a light oatmeal colour, or beige or warm grey, to really make visitors feel at home.

Keep it neutral

Cool and neutral colours open up a house, making it appear clean and well looked after. White, grey, beige and taupe are the go-to hues at the moment, and for good reason too: they’re universally liked, and help people feel at ease as they enter your home.

There may be buyers who share your tastes for bold pinks and bright greens, but this is a risk. Chances are, these could lead to a drop in the offered price as buyers will factor repainting into their ownership costs.

Pelham Paints can help sell your home faster

We can help you decide which colours will transform your home into a lovely blank canvas that will get it sold fast and for a good price. Get in touch.