Points to ponder before painting your house by yourself

It’s a conundrum faced by homeowners and businessowners everywhere: to do a paint job yourself or to call in the pros. If you’ve gathered painting experience over the years and figure you can wield a paintbrush as well as anyone, then we say go for it!

If you’re like most people though, we think you should have a look at the below reasons for calling in the pros, before things get messy.

The Cost Factor

When you take on a paint job as a DIY project, you can lose sight of the costs involved, which can add an extra burden on your shoulders as you watch the bills pile up.

Firstly, do you have all the necessary equipment? For example, a long ladder, drop sheets, a comprehensive set of brushes and/or an extendable roller.

Do you have the prep material? Filler, sandpaper, other tools for fixing up holes in the drywall.

You’ve bought the paint, but have you bought the correct primer?

When professionals quote on a job, everything is included.

You also need to think about your time expenditure. Are you taking time off work to get the job done? Consider that you will take longer than a professional – is your family ready for the mess and inconvenience?

Finally, if you make a mistake, will you be able to fix it, or will you have to call in the professionals, thereby spending more time and money?

Consider all these questions before embarking on your DIY painting project and calculate if it is indeed worth the effort.

The Danger Factor

An inexperienced painter runs the very real risk of causing injury to themselves and others. There is an art to balancing on a tall ladder whilst laying down a delicate paint job. And if you’re outside, your ladder may be propped up on uneven surfaces, thus increasing the risk factor significantly. And if you do fall… well, let’s not even contemplate what could happen!

The Stress Factor

You have enough stress at work, do you really need the stress of a paint job on your time off? At Pelham Painters, painting is our passion, and we would love to take that stress off your shoulders, so you can just relax and watch your house being transformed before your eyes.

The Colour Factor

There are few painting experiences as annoying as choosing a colour and then realising that it simply doesn’t work with your furnishings or your decorations or even your neighbourhood. Professionals, such as us at Pelham Painters, understand colour and can help you choose the right shade before you make any costly mistakes.

The Damage Factor

Before the first brush stroke, your household goods need to be protected. Floors and furniture must be properly covered. Window latches and light switches should be taped. Valuable belongings should be moved and stored. The pros can do this in a flash, saving you the costs of repair and replacement.

The Quality Factor

At Pelham Painters, we pride ourselves in our quality workmanship and attention to detail. We’re happy to take the stress out of a potentially painful DIY experience and deliver a high-quality paint job you’ll love. When you need us, where here in Hobart, so please get in touch.