Give Your Laundry Room Some Love with Refreshing Colour Palettes

The laundry: that forgotten, utilitarian space where no one ever ventures except on weekends when the never-ending loads of washing overtake your life for a few long hours before you can escape back to the living room, bedroom or deck to actually enjoy your weekend.

There is a way to transform the laundry so that it integrates better with your house – and also change how you feel about performing that unavoidable task – and that’s by giving it a refreshing coat of paint.

So the next time you’re contemplating the washing machine cycle, let your thoughts turn to these 6 colour palettes which will turn a humdrum space into a charming nook. Remember, these suggestions encompass everything from paint colours to fittings to decorations to tiles.

Cosy autumnal shades

To capture the warmth and cosiness of autumn, go for blue hues mixed in with coppery, golden browns. These contrast nicely with the white of most laundry appliances to create a soft, comforting space.

Celebrating winter

If your tastes tend towards crisp, snowy shades, then think about using white as your base colour, shot through with rich brown or black to represent woodlands. Complement this palette with timber shelving to complete the pretty picture.

Back to nature

Capture the feeling of a forest with green hues that veer between dark leaves and soft moss. Complement these with creams or greys to transform your laundry into a natural haven.

Fresh mornings

The early morning freshness of dew drops on grass are recreated with silvers, whites, greens and delicate browns. Fill this space with plants to enhance the mood.

Summer senses

If you have a hankering for the sweet sights of summer, go for peach and honey and gold, making sure to balance the brightness with grounding greens or calming greys. These colours will make your laundry a fun, lively space.

Sunshine and sand

Sandy browns tempered with soft, baby pink create a bright yet neutral space that is very easy on the eye. Complement the look with appropriate fittings and cabinetry to create a truly calming environment.

Pelham Painters have the palette for you

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