Picking the Right Paint Brush for the Job

Choosing a paint brush can be a little overwhelming. The variety of sizes, styles, tips and types can admittedly be confusing. But that’s where this handy guide comes along, helping you pick the brush that’s right for the job and for your budget.

Firstly, there are three main types of brush bristle for you to consider.

The cheap option: Polyester Brush Bristles

If you’re on a tight budget, polyester brushes are your friend as they’re amongst the cheapest you’ll find. The fibres are strong and able to hold their shape. And if you’re painting with latex paint, polyester brushes can hold a good amount.

The mid-range option: Nylon Brush Bristles

Nylon brushes are durable and able to deliver a smooth and reliable coating of latex paints. The price is also pretty good, if that’s a deciding factor.

The costly option: Natural Brush Bristles

If you’re working with oil-based paints and don’t mind spending a bit of cash, natural brushes are the way to go. These are usually made from animal hair and allow for excellent surface coverage that doesn’t stripe. The split ends in the bristles allow the brush to hold more paint too. On the downside, they can be quite brittle and won’t last very long.

Sizing up your brushes

The size of brush is determined by the job it is required to do. The 1 and 2 inch brushes are perfect for painting trim, such as windows. 3 inch brushes work well with glossy paints on doors, cabinets and furniture. If you’re painting a wide surface area, a 4 inch brush holds the requisite amount of paint.

Tip shapes

If you’re working on a large area or with thick trim, go for a square cut brush. Sharper tip brushes are the go-to choice for finicky corners and small spaces.

At Pelham Painters, we know our brushes

If you’re unsure about the type of brush you need, get in contact with Pelham Painters in Hobart. We’ll gladly point you in the right direction.