Picking the Shade of White that’s Right for You

White is a wonderful colour for bringing light and freshness to your home. However, if you’ve picked the wrong shade, it could leave your space feeling sterile and cold. To determine which shade of white is right for you, you need to consider your surroundings.

Sunny and cool

If the room gets plenty of sun, go for a cool white. These have blue or black bases which can neutralise bright light, leaving the room feeling crisp and clean. This shade suits modern and minimal homes.

Bring in the warmth

For cooler rooms, you can introduce a little softness with a warm white shade. These have red, brown or yellow undertones which go a long way towards creating a cosy vibe. Warm whites are a great choice if you have natural and warm-hued furnishings.

Have a biscuit

The so-called biscuit shade of white brings out the best of both cool and warm hues. The colouring is reminiscent of natural stone. Biscuit shades are great for adding depth to an interior however, they can look dated if you choose options that have pink or yellow bases.

Get the Scandinavian style

This refers to a white-on-white palette that brings to mind the effortless brightness of Scandinavian homes. It’s all about nuance and shade, allowing you to play with various tones of white as well as texture, such as matt, and accents such as a soft blue or a lively yellow.

Go for grey

Grey is a great choice for a neutral palette and can deliver the goods whether you’re after a casual and relaxed vibe, or something more elegant. Try to avoid pale greys, though, as these can create the impression that your walls are dirty.

Pelham Painters can help you choose

Our experienced staff can help you pick the right colour choices for your walls, whatever the shade. So if you’re in need of a helping hand, give us a call.