Preparing your home’s exterior for winter

Before you know it, winter will arrive, which means your home will soon be exposed to damaging elements. We’ve gathered the following 5 practical tips to help your home weather the cold.

  1. Preparation is everything

    Get the ladder out and give the exterior a good once-over. You’re checking for decaying paint, mildew and wood rot. If you catch the problems before winter sets in, you’ll save money by not having to do even bigger repairs and repaints further down the road. You’ll also be able to seal moisture out and stop decay before it starts.

  2. Spring clean

    While the warming sun is still out, get hold of a pressure washer to remove contaminants such as mould and mildew which will slowly destroy your paintwork.

  3. Trim the plants

    If your wooden walls have branches and leaves rubbing against them constantly, you’re running the risk of wood rot setting in. It pays to spend some time trimming your trees and shrubs in order to give your walls room to breathe.

  4. Start sealing

    Check the sealants around your windows. If they’ve started to crack, it’s time to re-caulk. This is essential for stopping moisture from getting in, and also keeping your house warm during those frosty winter evenings.

  5. Clear out the gutters

    The last thing you want during winter is a gutter full of fallen leaves. When the weather gets icy, this debris can freeze up, get stuck and block drainage, which will only lead to problems. Make sure the gutters are clear and able to get damaging water away from the house.

Partner with Pelham Painters

If you’re in Hobart and your inspections reveal that you require a pre-winter paint job, please get in touch with us at Pelham Painters. We’d love to help you out!