Prepping a weekend painting project

With the cold weather you’ll probably be spending less time swanning about outdoors, and much more time huddled up indoors. Instead of whiling away your weekends in front of the TV, why not use the opportunity to give your home a little DIY love?

For instance, if there’s a room in your house which is in need of a fresh coat of paint, it’ll only take a weekend to get the chore out of the way… as long as you prep correctly, of course.

Let nature guide your colour choices

Picking a colour that suits the style of your room can be one of the most vexing decisions. But it doesn’t have to be. The first thing to do is to look at the natural light in the room. If it’s bright and sunny, go for a cooler paint colour, such as grey, green or blue. If it’s dark and cool, a warmer tone – yellow, orange or red – will be your best bet.

Consider the space

The size of a room can also help you with your colour choice. If you’re painting a large room, you might want a warmer colour to make it cosier. Conversely, a small room decorated in light, cool colours will make it appear larger.

Express your style

Instead of going for one colour for the room, style it out a bit by creating a colour scheme. Get hold of a colour wheel and let your creativity run wild. For example, it you’re into blues, go for a scheme that utilises various shades of blue throughout the room – dark for the walls, light for the trims, and so on. This is called a monochromatic scheme. An analogous scheme is one that uses colours which appear besides each other on the colour wheel. Finally, there’s the complementary scheme which uses colours that sit at opposite ends of the wheel. You’ll have great fun trying out ideas, especially if you’re the adventurous sort.

Finish… before you start

Before you buy your paint, think about the finish you’re after. If your walls have a few lumps and bumps, consider a low-sheen paint. The small amount of gloss it contains can hide the imperfections without appearing too matte, or too glossy. Speaking of which, semi-gloss paint is proving popular nowadays because of its reflective, hardwearing finish. It also works well for trims and doors.

Preparation is everything

Spending a few hours getting your room paint-ready is worth the effort. Move your furniture out of the way so it won’t be ruined by splashes. Cover every inch of your floors with drop sheets. Clear the walls of everything and give them a good scrub so that the new paint adheres properly. Finally, don’t forget to tape off your skirting boards, window sills and light switches.

Make your weekend count

Once the paint is selected and the prep is done, the job of painting will be a breeze. Turn the music up, get into the flow and have fun. If you run into any difficulties and would prefer to call in the professionals, give Pelham Painters in Hobart a call – we’ll be more than willing to help.