How to prolong the longevity of your exterior painting

When it comes to paintwork, it is often said that the quality of the paint and work will determine the longevity of the finish.

This may well be true, however there are many things that the home owner can do to ensure the work is maintained for as long as possible. Caring for the exterior of your home can go a long way in saving you money on improvements in the long run.

Choose a High-Quality Paint

If you are planning on doing the exterior painting work yourself, we would encourage to you to reconsider. Evidence shows, time and time again, that with a professional painting company, you’ll be adding years to the life of the paintwork.

Pelham Painters use and recommend only premium paints like Haymes and Dulux. Australian weather can be harsh at the best of times, so a premium quality paint is essential.

Regular High Pressure Cleaning

Ideally, you’ll want to wash the exterior of your house, with a high pressure water cleaner, every year.

This washing removes dust, salt, dirt, grime and mould. These substances naturally build up and can in fact break down the paint film more quickly than it otherwise would.

Tending to Your Garden

Mould build-up is one of the biggest reasons paint work deteriorates. Not only does it give the house the appearance of being dirty, but it damages the paint as well.

If you take the time to prune, trim and generally maintain the flower beds, trees and bushes that are in close proximity with the exterior surfaces, you’ll make it more difficult for mould to collect on the sides of your house.

As you might have guessed, proper cleaning and caring for the painted surfaces is the most important part of maintaining the exterior paint work.

So, over the next few months as the days start to warm up, you’ve got some jobs to do. Good luck with it all!