Reclaim Your Summer and Hire a Professional

Over the summer holidays, you’ll probably have more time on your hands. Maybe you’ll have a look at the tired exterior of your house and think to yourself: “Looks a bit ragged, but let’s leave it for another year.” Or, “It looks terrible, but I reckon I could fix it up myself over the next couple of weeks!”

Both of these decisions could turn out to be problematic. If you wait another year, you’re leaving your home susceptible to damage, decay and all sorts of issues which could cost you plenty in the long run.

And as for taking on the painting job yourself, well, we recommend first having a look at the below benefits of hiring a professional painting company:

Why go pro?

Safety first

Painting the exterior of any size home could get dangerous. Professionals have the safety equipment, training and experience needed to get the job done safely.

Prepping the surface

Just as you wouldn’t build on a weak foundation, neither should you paint on an ill-prepared surface. You’ll need to repair, scrape, chip and clean the entire surface so that it’s ready for primer and paint. This is a physically demanding and time consuming job. Are you sure you’re up for it?

Done right, done quickly

You may start your project filled with optimism, but life has a habit of getting in the way of the best intentions. So be prepared for the reality that come summer’s end, you might have only completed half the house – at best. Pros take that strain off your shoulders, allowing you more time to spend at the beach. You’ve earned it!

When a paint job is done by the experts, it’ll last a lot longer than if you did it by yourself, saving you money in the long run.

You’re covered

All reputable painters are insured in case of unforeseen events. So if they aren’t insured, don’t hire them. It’s that simple.

Find a pro you can trust

You’ve worked hard all year, and finding a professional to take on your exterior paint job will give you more time to spend with your family over the festive season. It’s a decision you definitely won’t regret.

And if you do need some painting and maintenance advice in Hobart, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help!

Happy holidays.