The Solutions to Painting Problems

For most people, painting isn’t an everyday task, and it’s easy to forget some of the basics when you finally decide to pick up a paint brush again.

Not to worry, our experts at Pelham Painters have compiled a list of common issues and how to deal with them on your next painting project.

Problem 1: Using the Wrong Tools

The paint brush vs roller debate is a common one. Each has its positives, but it’s important you choose the right tool for the job at hand. If you’re dealing with broad walls, the roller is unbeatable. If you’re doing precise work and you don’t want to leave any streaks, a brush is best. However, even within these two categories there are a number of choices, each of which is suited to a specific job. If you’re not sure, contact Pelham Painters for advice.

Problem 2: Painting on Dirty Walls

Even if you think your walls are clean, they’re not. It doesn’t take long for dust to collect in the tiniest of hollows and ridges where they’re ready to interfere with your paint. Always wash the walls (and wait for them to dry thoroughly) before you paint.

Problem 3: Unrepaired Walls

Dents and scratches and holes in walls will leave unsightly marks after painting if left unrepaired, especially with dark colours and high-sheen paint. So make sure you take the time to repair any imperfections before you begin.

Problem 4: Drips

Nothing ruins a carpet quicker than a spattering of paint drips. It’s imperative that you buy a good quality drop sheet, such as canvas, which is durable, reusable and thick. Plastic and paper drop sheets are also useful, and cost-effective, but should be handled with care.

Problem 5: Uneven Lines

To create clean, precise lines, use painter’s tape along walls, ceiling edges and trims. This also helps with preventing paint drips on items such as light switches. Make sure the surface is clean and dry before taping and, after painting, remove the tape while the paint is still wet to avoid flaking.

Pelham Painters Will Solve Your Painting Problems

Should you encounter any hurdles, please get in touch with Pelham Painters in Hobart and we’ll be more than happy to help.