The Best Paint Colours for Bedrooms

Let’s face it, life can be draining. Your bedroom should be a refuge against the world – a place to relax and recharge. After all, it’s said that we spend almost half our lives in bed, so when you paint your bedroom, try make it your happy place.

It’s all about the mood

Your choice of paint colour can influence your mood when you wake up, how you fall asleep, even how you interact with your partner. Think about how you want to feel at the end of a long day when you enter your bedroom – perhaps relaxed or cosy or refreshed? These emotions will be a powerful influencer on your choice of paint colour.

Choose pastels for a serene space

If you’re yearning for a place of reflection and relaxation, muted pastels are the answer. These transform your bedroom into an oasis. If you like bold colours, such as purple, choose the softer pastel varieties to create a welcoming space.

Think bold, think big

If your bedroom is small, a dark colour can actually make it feel larger. You may balk at this idea, but if you’re willing to be bold, give it a try. A colour like black can actually give the illusion of a larger space, as long as it’s balanced out with light accessories and bedding.

Stay cool

To get a great night’s sleep, experts agree that a room should be relatively cool and not suffocatingly hot. This is best accomplished with ventilation of course, however a light, cool colour tone will complement the temperature and help you ease into a relaxing slumber.

Choose green and maintain balance

Green evokes nature and energy. It encourages relaxation. It balances out other colours in your design scheme. All of which work wonders for encouraging a wonderful night’s sleep.

Get what you want with colour accents

Let’s say you really love a certain colour, like red, but you’re aware that it will overwhelm the room if painted on all the walls. In this case, it’s time to consider accents. You can add the colour in small doses by including it in your panelling, for example, or to a small feature wall.

Ask for the expert eye

Get in touch with us at Pelham Painters in Hobart if you’d like help choosing a colour for your bedroom. We understand the complexities and can help match your mood with a narrowed list of colours that correspond with your wishes.