The Challenges of Commercial Painting

Let’s face it: appearances matter. And in business, the appearance of your commercial building goes a long way towards showing your clients that your business is growing successfully. So, as soon as the paint on your building begins to crack, fade and peel, it’s time to call in a commercial painting company, such as Pelham Painters, to restore your business’s curb appeal.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common challenges you’ll face and how Pelham Painters can solve them.

The Challenge of Mildew and Mould

If your building is exposed to regular rainfall, or stands in the shade of another building, mould and mildew are likely to grow, leaving behind unsightly stains. Needless to say, this is not a good look for your company.

At Pelham Painters, our solution is to first remove the mould completely before prepping the area and repainting with a high-quality, mould-resistant product which will ensure that mould does not make an unwelcome reappearance.

The Challenge of Cracked Paint

When exterior paint starts to crack, blister and peel, it leaves the impression that your business is old, neglected and on a downward spiral. The Pelham Painters solution is to strip the loose paint and prepare the substrate so that the next layers of fresh paint last for years to come.

The Challenge of Faded Paint

Another way to leave a bad impression with your clients is to leave your faded paint untreated. It makes the building look dated and drained of life.

At Pelham Painters, our solution is simple: repaint the exterior with a high-grade, fade resistant paint product that is perfectly chosen based on your building’s location and exposure to the elements. We guarantee that we can revive your building and make sure it leaves a good impression.

The Pelham Painters Solution

If your office building in Hobart is in need of a pick-me-up, we’re happy to help. We have almost 70 years of experience and pride ourselves in our ability to deliver on-time and on-budget. Whether you’d like to revamp a small building or a vast industrial park, we’ve got you covered.