Tips and Techniques for Painting Kids’ Rooms

Painting a child’s bedroom is all about creating a comfortable, fun space for a youngster’s imagination to soar. This means using bright colours and fun imagery, which also means that these rooms will likely be quite different to the colour scheme in the rest of your house.

So don’t get stuck trying to create a colour flow throughout your home. Rather read through these tips on how to give your kid’s bedroom its own personality.

Use a durable paint

Let’s face it, the walls in a kid’s bedroom are going to take a beating. They’ll be bumped, scraped, drawn on and scratched. It’s therefore important that you pick a paint which is easily washable and durable. Go for high quality water-based paint as this will last for years and won’t fade from multiple washings.

Choose toxin-free paints

Non-toxic paints are a good choice throughout the home but are especially important in your children’s bedrooms. It has been scientifically shown that high levels of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in paint can cause damage to a child’s still developing immune and respiratory systems. They may also cause allergies. Organic, water-based paints are your best bet for keeping you and your little ones healthy.

Paint to a theme and go wild

There are no rules when it comes to painting a child’s bedroom, so let your imagination soar! You’re creating a space that should inspire your little ones to dream and create, so choose a fun theme such as farm-scapes, starry night skies or deep space.

The more fun you have with your themes, the more fun your kids will have in their rooms.

Be bright

If you’re not the most artistic of parents, but you still want to paint a fun room, go for bright colours. Kids love colour, the brighter the better, as they associate fun colours with objects and feelings. It has been proven that certain colours can affect mood and behaviour, so pick primary colours such as red, yellow or blue, or go a bit bolder with green or orange.

We know the colours that kids like

At Pelham Painters, we’ve painted more than a few kid’s rooms in our time, and we’d be glad to take on the challenge of creating a colourful space for your little one. If you’re in Hobart, please get in touch.