Tips for Mess-Free Painting

It doesn’t take long for a painting job to turn into a messy free-for-all. One over-excited dog getting under your feet, leading to a spilt can, leading to your kids playing in the paint and leaving small footprints all over your tiles… you get the picture.

We can’t control your pets, or your kids, but we can offer up some tips for ensuring that your next paint job leaves as little mess as possible.

Choose your equipment well

When buying rollers and paint brushes, it pays to pick high-quality products. They may cost you a little more, but they’ll be easier to wash out and reuse.

Stay on top of the mess

As you work, keep a paper towel or wet rag at hand that you can use to quickly mop up any spills or mis-strokes as soon as they happen. By staying on top of the mess, you’ll have far less to clean at the end of the job.

Clean your brushes immediately

When the job is finished, hold off on that well-deserved beer for half an hour and clean your rollers, brushes and trays before the paint begins to harden. The longer you wait, the tougher the job will be. If you’ve opted for a paint sprayer, have a look at the instructions on how to flush the paint out of the pipes and valves.

Where to dump leftover paint

Don’t pour your leftover paint down the drain. Just don’t do it. It clogs up plumbing and pollutes the environment. Rather contact paintback and ask where the material can be dropped off for proper disposal. You’ve gone to great lengths to prevent a mess at home, you owe it to the community to not make a mess of the environment too.

Pelham Painters keeps things clean

With our decades of experience, we know exactly how to complete your paint job and leave the work-site spick and span. So, if you’d like the job done without the hassle and mess, just give our offices in Hobart a call.