Wash your interior walls without ruining the paintwork

Let’s face it; interior walls take a beating. From the obvious food, crayon and mud stains, to the harder-to-spot issues of water damage and mould, chances are you’ll need to give your walls a good clean every few months.

But how do you go about this process without damaging the paint? Read on for some of our top tips.

Know what paint you’re dealing with

The glossier the paint, the tougher it is, which means you can scrub away at it with confidence. Glossy paints create a hard surface which makes it difficult for stains to penetrate.

If your paint is flat matte, then it’s best to wash stains gently with warm water or a mild soap instead of industrial strength disinfectant.

If you’re unsure, then find a small area of the wall that’s not very noticeable and give it a test scrub. If the worst happens and the paintwork is damaged, at least it’s not a train smash to fix.

You can generally tell the glossiness of the paint by simply running your finger over the surface. Walls painted with simple white paint, like satin or eggshell, tend to have an average gloss finish and can therefore handle a good scrub down.

What to use for washing painted walls

Start gently, then work your way up as necessary. Get a bucket of room-temperature water and a soft sponge and give the stain a wipe. Don’t scrub too hard.

If the stain remains, then add a little dishwashing liquid or vinegar to your bucket and try again.

If the stain is truly stubborn, then consult your nearest hardware store or painting professional about stronger cleaning chemicals. Just make sure your walls can handle them first!

The stains that won’t go away

Certain greasy stains, such as the dreaded crayon, might simply not disappear, despite your best efforts. In this case, you’ll have to repaint.

Apart from matching the wall colour, however, you’ll also need to apply a layer of stain-blocking primer before the actual paint job begins. If you leave out the primer, the old stains will eventually bleed through the new paint, and you’ll have to start from scratch.

Pelham Painters can help

If you need any further advice, or would prefer the professionals to take on your stain-removing paint job, don’t hesitate to give Pelham Painters in Hobart a call. We’re always happy to help.