Why exterior painting should be on your to-do list for autumn

With winter fast approaching, now is the time to make sure your home is in good enough shape to survive the elements.

Repainting the exterior is a vital part of the maintenance process. Firstly, preparing for the paint job will expose any damage your house may have suffered over the past year. By cleaning the walls, you’ll be getting rid of grit, grime, mould and mildew, all of which can cause long-term issues. And finally, if paint has peeled, it leaves parts of the exterior bare and exposed.

Start with a pre-winter power wash

If you have a serious build-up of mud, mould and debris from the summer, a good power-wash is essential. Autumn is the perfect time to get this done, as the residual water won’t ice up and cause a hazard.

Power washing can potentially cause its own damage though. You shouldn’t use the same water pressure on pressure on woodwork as you would on concrete, for example. If in doubt, please get in touch with the professionals.

Get rid of peeling paint

As the cold weather descends, walls exposed by peeling paint can allow mildew to grow and cause damage to your home from the outside. And the dishevelled look can also ruin your home’s kerb appeal!

Scraping or pressure washing the paint flakes away leaves a smooth surface and a clean slate for you to paint on.

Give the wood a once-over

Don’t forget to check your patio, porch, deck, fence and shutters for damage. These should be given the same consideration as your exterior walls and are probably due some form of treatment by either repainting or staining.

Pelham Painters can take on the task

If time is not on your side, we’re here to help. Just give Pelham Painters in Hobart a call and we’ll take care of your power-washing, painting and staining projects, leaving your home ready to face the oncoming cold weather.