Winter is a Wonderful Time for Interior Painting

It’s winter and your home or business needs painting. Your first inclination might not be the right season. Wrong! The truth is that painting in autumn and winter months, particularly interior painting, is a good idea.

Let’s have a look at a few reasons why savvy home owners may seriously consider this option.

You Can Save With The Pros

Generally, the warmer months are when people have more time to focus on home improvements. Thus, there’s a lot more demand for professional painters during this period, which naturally leads to higher costs for their services. In the colder months, when things are slower, painters are more likely to need work and quotes are more likely to be lower.

Less Humidity

For a host of reasons summer is a great time to paint. For one, warmer weather usually means less moisture in the air – making the paint more adhesive – and higher temperatures mean the surface dries more quickly.

On the right winter’s day, the conditions for painting can be as ideal as ever. Basically, you want to be painting on a day where moisture in the air is limited. Of course in winter, the risk of rain is there and you’ll have dew in the air early in the morning but a professional painter can allow for these variables when they plan their day.

Enjoy your summer

A lot of people choose to repaint the interior of their houses during winter. One reason this happens is that they want to avoid having to take care of such projects when they could be enjoying our summer weather. If you can manage it, getting the work out of the way in winter is certainly a plus, and given that you’re likely to be spending more time indoors during winter, you can enjoy your newly painted interior even more.

Interior fumes are not a problem

Traditionally, due to poor ventilation, painting in winter presented a problem. Because it is cold, it wouldn’t be comfortable to open doors and windows when painting, meaning potentially toxic fumes could become a health hazard.

While newly applied paint can’t be aired out as well during the winter months, there are many paints that are low or even zero-VOC. This means that they have a low or zero volatile organic compound count. Basically, they will be low odour.

Some VOCs are better than others in this regard, so be sure to speak with your paint professional about options. With some paints, it still may be necessary to open the windows a bit, particularly if you are sensitive to the new paint smell but it is good to know that a good VOC won’t leave an odour that lasts for days.

A final word

These are just a few of the reasons you might consider repainting in the winter time. If you aren’t keen to do the work yourself, get in touch with Pelham Painters for quality every time!